Prolapsed Uterus

There are many women who suffer from a prolapsed uterus and do not feel that they are hearing the information that they need to move forward to improve their lives. Here below is a brief, but to the point, slideshow of how Mr Broome and can help you and why.

Mr Broome sees many women who have been told that a hysterectomy is the only answer. He performs a sacrohysteropexy on many of them, thereby enabling them to return their lives to normal without the debilitating symptoms of a prolapse.

Sacrohysteropexy for Prolapsed Uterus Testimonial

Dear Mr Broome I write to thank you ever so much for your time patience and kindness received from you and the staff at Euxton hospital on XXth/XXth March when I had a prolapse operation. I am so grateful it’s been such a success I’m feeling so well and able to be so active it’s wonderful. With gratitude to you all