Private Cervical Smears

Currently, the NHS offers cervical screening smears for all women aged 25 to 64, every three to five years. Some women may consider this is too long a period of time between smears.

Mr Broome offers the option of attending for private cervical smears either annually or as required. If you wanted to have a screening cervical smear more frequently on the NHS, this unfortunately, would not be allowed.

Private Cervical Smears

Why is a smear test important?

A smear test is a simple and convenient way to check the health of your cervix.

If you have had previous treatment for abnormal cells, a family history of cervical cancer or want the reassurance that your cervix is healthy, then having a private cervical smear may be an option for you. In addition, the time from tests to results is also much quicker at around 2 weeks.


How to prepare for a smear test?

If you have not had a smear test before or wonder if the procedure is different privately compared to NHS, then this is what is required.

It is best to not be having your period when you attend for a smear as the menstrual blood will affect the result of the smear test. The ideal time is halfway between your last period and the next.

It is also best to abstain from intercourse for 24 hours prior to the procedure especially if you use spermicide, condoms or lubricating jelly as these can all affect the test results.


What happens in a private smear test?

Your cervix is located at the top of your vagina so you will need you to undress from the waist down, a nurse will be present to assist you. Mr Broome will insert a speculum into the vagina which is then gently opened to reveal the cervix. A gentle sweep of the cervix will obtain a sample of cells to be sent to the laboratory. The speculum will then be withdrawn and the procedure is at an end.

The examination and smear test takes a couple of minutes, a skilled practitioner as Mr Broome can ensure that the procedure is quick and as comfortable as possible.

Laboratory analysis takes less than 2 weeks and Mr Broome will discuss with you how you would like to be informed of the result ie phone call, text message or letter and if you would like a copy to be sent to your GP.