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Welcome to The Pelvic Clinic

Mr Jonathan Broome, Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon, has established The Pelvic Clinic to assist the many women who seek care and treatment for their pelvic symptoms and uterus pain.

Working from the BMI Beaumont Hospital in Lancashire, women from all over the UK come to Mr Broome for high quality, specialist pelvic floor repair surgery.

With considerable experience and many testimonials, women have experienced 100% success rates in Sacrohysteropexy with Mr Broome, the operation to treat prolapse where the uterus is returned to its normal position and quality of life is regained.

Mr Broome is one of the few surgeons in the UK who can perform this uterus-sparing prolapse surgery and has performed over 1000 prolapse repair operation with excellent results.

Other Gynaecological Problems

As the senior gynaecological surgeon at the BMI Beaumont Hospital, Mr Broome also sees women for all types of gynaecological concerns including hysterectomy, menopause, ovarian cysts, vulval skin conditions, private smears, heavy periods and fibroids

Dear Mr Broome,

You asked me to get in touch 6 weeks after my operation to let you know how things are.

I’m sorry that it is now 10 weeks later and I forgot to contact you !

This must show you that I am doing so well that I don’t even think about it. Everything is good, including the waterworks situation which is so much better without the pessary ring. I still take vesicare as I do have some urgency but it is very manageable now.

I am still worried about going horse riding again or using the powerplate for exercise with all the deep vibrations. Can you totally reassure me that I cant do any damage?

This is a marvellous operation for a prolapse . I am so delighted I didn’t have to have a hysterectomy and I will certainly tell people about it.

Thank you again for the fantastic care I received. I was so lucky to find you.

My very best regards


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The Pelvic Clinic Information

Mr Broome has helped many women of many different ages to regain their quality of life. There are many pages of information that indicate how Mr Broome can help.

This website will walk you though what a sacrohysteropexy is, how it can help you, and why Mr Jonathan Broome can advise you based on his considerable experience.

There are pages about the cost of sacrohysteropexy, about the after care and patient testimonials.

    • we can cater for ladies coming from a distance to have a consultation and /or surgery with Mr Broome
    • we have finance plans available for ladies who want to self-pay
    • you can come and have a consultation with Mr Broome if all you need is a second opinion and you are concerned about the advice that you have been given, or not been given, to date.
    • Mr Broome is a highly respected surgeon and will always do his best by you.

Of course, you may have a problem that you do not know if surgery is the solution. With Mr Broome’s wealth of experience, he will guide you so that you are able to make an informed choice.

If you have any questions, you can call us on 01204 772400 or you can email us. All enquiries are treated strictly confidentially.

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Our Latest Testimonial

Mr Broome,

It’s now a couple of weeks since my operation and I’m feeling great. Pain and discomfort all gone. More importantly, the prolapse is no more! I wish I’d had this done years ago. I hadn’t realised how much this condition was affecting my day to day life until I had it fixed and now I can’t believe the difference. I feel normal again and have so much energy, probably because I know my body is as it should be and I’m not restricted in what I can do any more. I am so grateful to you for fixing me. Every woman should know about this life changing surgery. I was told that my only options were to put up with it or have a hysterectomy. I’m so glad I found you! My grateful thanks also to the nurses who looked after me in hospital. They were all so kind and helpful.

C.G.April 2016

mr jonathan broome in the daily mail

A patient of Mr Broome talks about her life-changing sacrohysteropexy in the Daily Mail. Click here to read.

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First baby born after a sacrohysteropexy procedure by Mr Broome.

More Patient Testimonials

I am writing to say a huge thank you for the care I received whilst you performed an operation to restore my uterus  to its normal condition. I am so grateful for your professionalism, expertise and support…

N.G.Mother of 2 young children

I would like you to know that I appreciate your early phone call to rescue me from my hell on earth. You are a credit to your profession and humanity.

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