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Whilst I have a special interest in pelvic floor repair and urinary problems I offer a comprehensive general gynaecological service to all my patients using the diagnostic and surgical facilities of the Beaumont Hospital, Bolton.

Do I need a referral letter from my GP?

A referral letter from your GP is not always required and I am very happy for you to book an appointment to see me through Lyndsey my secretary or through the BMI National Enquiry Centre. If you have private health cover your insurance company will usually request that you have a referral from your family doctor prior to agreeing to fund any consultations or treatment.

Having a referral letter from your GP before arranging an appointment means important details of your medical history and results of investigations will be available at the time.


Self-pay patients

Many patients without health insurance now opt to pay for their own medical treatment privately.

For the majority of procedures, assuming no medical complications, the hospital will provide an accurate estimate prior to commencing any treatment. The Beaumont Hospital has self-pay packages for the commonest surgical procedures, which will cover surgical, hospital and anaesthetic fees. Most private hospitals require payment in full or a deposit at or before the time of treatment for self-funding patients.


Medical Insurance

You can ask your GP to write a referral letter either to me at the address under the contacts section. Once you have a referral you should contact your insurance company to obtain a 'pre-authorisation' code for your consultation. If after your consultation you require any diagnostic tests e.g. scans or surgery are advised, you should again seek authorisation from your insurance company prior to attending your appointment.

If you can, it is helpful to provide us with the authorisation codes in advance so that we invoice the insurance company directly.

I am recognised as a provider by all the major medical insurance companies (BUPA, AXA PPP, Norwich Union (Aviva), WPA, Standard Life, Vitality, Pruhealth, Cigna, Saga, Medisure etc).

Many insurance policies now have an excess payment or cost-sharing scheme, which require you to pay part of the fees due. You should clarify this with your insurance company prior to commencing treatment.


Surgery Fee Guides

The cost for any surgery is made up of a number of different fees:

The surgical fee - this is the fee to the surgeon for your surgery and for any postoperative follow up appointments. It also covers any dressings or removal of sutures that may be required.

The anaesthetic fee - this covers the cost of your consultation with your anaesthetist on the day of surgery and for your anaesthetic.

The hospital fee - this covers the cost of the hospital for your procedure including any scheduled overnight stays. If you need or wish to stay longer than scheduled you will be charged extra, for most hospitals this is approximately £400 night.

Some hospitals will charge separately for any medications that are taken home.

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