recovery after childbirth

Are you aged 45 or under?

Are you considering another child?

Or has  your experience with childbirth and the lingering after effects made you to worried about having other children, or possible ever being intimate with your partner as you were before children came along?

We can help you. Mr Broome is a a specialist gynaecologist who sees women from all over the UK, who have been referred especially because of his knowledge and skill.

Mr Broome knows how to help you get back to normal.

Here’s how Mr Broome can help.

Many women of all ages have had laparoscopic surgery with Mr Broome to repair their pelvic floor. Mr Broome helped pioneer a particular operation, the Sacrohysteropexy or the Sacropexy, and he has performed over 1000 with excellent success rates.

Mr Broome can see you privately. If you are really struggling with the cost, please contact us as we might be able to help you otherwise.


After Successful Sacrohysteropexy Surgery

We have had women come to us after feeling that their doctor had decided that nothing much could be done for them apart from a hysterectomy. Obviously, that is major surgery meaning that it would never be possible to have children again.

Mr Broome has enabled women, with careful pregnancy management, to have children again and have no return to prolapse afterwards either.

The most common thing we hear, is that women were too embarrassed to tell anyone. Too embarrassed to tell your GP the whole story.


We have other women who have just tried to cope with the prolapse and their children are older, but they as individuals are feeling older and their lives controlled by the problems that their prolapse causes. This is where Mr Broome can help you return to normal once more.

We can help you.

A recent testimonial:

I just want to say a big thankyou to mr Broome for giving me my life back as a Mother to a six year old boy and an 8 month baby girl  a business owner farmers wife horse rider my life is busy !! And after the traumatic birth of my daughter my life was on hold because of prolapse and bad scaring I was struggling to do every day things like carrying my baby to lifting shopping into the house I couldn’t do any exercise riding my horse was a big no no I couldn’t walk far without needing the toilet I couldn’t have sex with my husband everything in my life was on hold I went privately to see a consultant at my own hospital and was told that women live like this and given a pessary ring ! Being only 33 years old I was not going to live like this for the rest of my life! I researched the internet and found the best in the country mr Broome I put my trust in him as I knew from reading papers he had written on this procedure he was the best and for a man !he understood that women need to have a life after babies and we are not just an incubator we need to be fit and healthy to look after our children not be damaged embarrassed and unable to carry on as we did before pregnancy! I am now able after having the op to do everything I could do before and I am so grateful to mr Broome for giving me my life back thankyou !!!


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