Kaye's Story

Kaye's Story

This is a testimonial, written as a story, by a grateful lady who saw Mr Broome for her surgery:


Hello, I recently had surgery with Mr Broome, I just wanted to write a little bit about my experience incase it helps anyone else.

My prolapse journey started when I was 25. Sex was painful and I had noticed I was really heavy in my genitals, if I sat on the toilet I felt a pressure and when I looked in the mirror there was tissue (skin) inside my vagina.

When I spoke to my then doctor she told me I was far too young for prolapse and made me feel really stupid. I was given a sheet of paper showing me how to do pelvic floor exercises and sent away.

During my labour with my daughter the midwife was very impatient she wouldn’t listen to me and I was pushing from 7pm at night, my daughter was delivered at 1am, that’s 6 hours of pushing!! I can only presume she thought my prolapse was the babies head as she kept telling me baby was there but when the doctor came in he informed her that babies head was still way up in my womb. This ended with a forceps delivery in theatre.

From this day my prolapse worsened, I couldn’t walk for more than a few minutes without awful pressure, I had bad lower back pain, sex was painful, I couldn’t lift my babies without pain and had to give up my love of the gym.

At work I had to lift heavy speakers which made my prolapse worse. I would then have to sing (which is my job) in front of hundreds of people each week while in pain. If my babies needed rocking I would ask my friends to help as it hurt too much. This was devastating for me.

I went on to have another baby, his labour was very fast and the midwife team were amazing!

Not being able to hold him without pain made me extremely depressed and anxious I would sit and think, if this is my life I may as well be dead.

Finally I spoke to another doctor during an appointment for a coil fitting. She was the first doctor to listen to me and referred me to a surgeon in Burnley.

I saw a patient first who told me that after I finish breast feeding I should feel so much better, this was not the case for me unfortunately.

A few months later I was fitted with a pessary that helped incredibly with the pressure. However I think it eventually caused more issues with my prolapse.

I finally saw the surgeon at Burnley, he examined me and told me my womb was fine. He said if he was to fix me he would need to do a hysterectomy and then eventually my vaginal walls would prolapse “like a sock” he told me there was nothing I could do at my age. That I was too young and should look after myself better. He also asked me what I had done to cause this….

He showed me a very scary video of vaginal wall prolapse then sent me on my way…. I was totally alone!

This spiralled me more into depression, I thought how can I have something that affects my life in every aspect and there is nothing that can help me?

Eventually after googling and researching I found Mr Broome. He confirmed that in fact my womb had prolapsed along with my bladder and bowels. He gave me my first hope for a recovery mentioning this sacrohysteropexy operation.

Mr Broome spoke openly and honestly with me about the operation and mesh, he always answered my questions honestly and actually listened to me.

After two operations with Mr Broome I am free of any prolapse and I can now be a proper mummy to my children. I am enjoying my work again and I’ve lost two stone in weight just from feeling free! He has given me my life back and I am forever grateful. I can’t express to you how much this has helped me, I honestly feel like he has saved my life!

Thank you so much

He has given me my life back and I am forever grateful. I can’t express to you how much this has helped me, I honestly feel like he has saved my life!