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The power of positivity

Going through any form of surgery can be daunting, even if it’s relatively straightforward. The prolapse repair surgery that we offer here at The Pelvic Clinic is simple, safe and highly effective. Nonetheless, it’s understandable that you might feel tense or anxious before and after the surgery. That’s why we’ve decided to provide you with some tips on maintaining a positive attitude before, during and after your prolapse repair operation. A positive attitude can aide your recovery and make the surgery itself seem less intimidating.

1. Think statistically

In the run-up to your operation, it’s important to reassure yourself that the surgery will go smoothly. You may find it helpful to contemplate the statistics associated with our prolapse repair. Specifically, you should focus on the fact that our surgeon, Mr Jonathan Broome, has performed over one thousand sacrohysteropexy prolapse repair procedures and has a 100% success rate. This will help you remember that you have nothing to be anxious about and enable you to feel confident about your operation.

2. Talk openly

It’s easy for feelings of anxiety and stress to build up if you keep quiet about your prolapse or your upcoming prolapse repair surgery. That’s why we strongly recommend that you are completely open with your friends and loved ones about your problem and the steps you are taking to fix it. Being open about it will make your operation seem less major and scary. You can also talk through anything you might be concerned about and get the reassurance you need.

3. Get to know your surgeon

We recommend talking to us at The Pelvic Clinic and speaking to Mr Broome himself before your operation. Communicating with your surgeon can help you put your trust in them, which will enable you to feel at ease before and during your operation.

4. Focus on achievable goals

Most people recover from prolapse repair surgery very quickly, but nobody recovers instantly! After your surgery, don’t expect to be back to normal straight away. Focus on each stage of your recovery, one at a time. This will help you keep track of your recovery process and feel that you are making progress, thereby enabling you to maintain a positive attitude.

Positivity is important when confronting surgery, so follow the tips we’ve provided you with to ensure that you can feel happy and confident about your sacrohysteropexy.

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