Why Might I Need A Menopause Clinic Near Me?

Why Might I Need A Menopause Clinic Near Me?

Why Might I Need A Menopause Clinic Near Me?

Menopause used to be the thing that dare not be spoken about. Women were expected to just put up with what was once referred to as ‘the change of life’ and there was precious little help available for those suffering real problems.

Those problems can include

·      Emotional problems

·      Problems with memory and concentration – the dreaded ‘brain fog’

·      Changes in sex drive

·      Vaginal dryness and pain

·      Changes in periods

·      Hot flushes and sweats

·      Mood swings

·      Loss of libido

·      Aching joints

Thank goodness attitudes have now changed, and there is a wealth of support and advice available to help women navigate through every stage starting with the perimenopause, menopause itself and the after-effects. And while some help and advice are available on the NHS and through your GP, the increase in the number of searches for private ‘menopause clinic near me’ shows that there are people realising that a one-to-one private consultation with a menopause specialist at a private clinic could be beneficial.

Be Seen by a Qualified Gynaecologist

Menopause is a time of great upheaval for many women as the body goes through mental and physical changes, some of which are often complex. Rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach offered by the hard-pressed NHS, where you never know if you are going to be seen by a nurse or a GP and where appointment time is limited, when you attend a private menopause clinic, you are guaranteed an appointment with a qualified gynaecologist where necessary. Mr Broome at the Beaumont Hospital in Bolton has considerable experience. You will be given plenty of time at an initial consultation to discuss in full the issues affecting you, and a comprehensive assessment of your general health will be taken to personalise your treatment.

An individualised course of treatment for your menopause or perimenopause, including HRT if it is thought this will be helpful for you, will then be arranged. We should also mention that other non-hormonal medicines are available. If you are suffering from a dry, itchy or painful vagina a gynaecologist can assess the problem and prescribe appropriate treatments.

Knowledgeable Experts

A menopause clinic is staffed by a menopause specialists, Mr Broome, and other health professionals. They can offer you the service you need to help you get through menopause as seamlessly as possible. This is achieved through taking advantage of their wider knowledge of how menopause affects you and what is the best course of action for your circumstances.

Consistency of Care

The number one complaint we hear about more than any other, and perhaps one major reason why people search for ‘menopause clinic near me’ is the lack of care consistency that is the stock in trade of the NHS. It doesn’t help if you are seen by different people and have to explain your symptoms every time you go. Local GPs and practice nurses do their best within a tight care framework handed down by NICE guidelines. When it comes to menopause care there still is not enough done to enable women to manage menopause symptoms in a way which allows them to get on with their lives. Seeing Mr Broome every time would give you the consistency you need to feel better, sooner.  

When you seek help from a private menopause clinic, you can be sure of seeing the same person all the way throughout your treatment with your designated doctor or nurse at the end of the phone should you need further help.

A GP referral may not be necessary to book an appointment. However, we would always recommend that you do this as it helps to have your medical history to hand when it comes to deciding on a treatment and aftercare plan.

No matter where you are in the UK, there is sure to be a menopause clinic near you, so why not book an appointment today and start to enjoy a  symptom-free life?

Contact us today to arrange an appointment. Our number is 01204 404444.