BMI Beaumont Hospital in Bolton

The-BeaumontThe BMI Beaumont Hospital is part of the large network of 65 BMI Healthcare hospitals situated all over the country and is where Mr Broome sees and performs surgery for patients attending The Pelvic Clinic.

It has 20 rooms, all of which are single with on-suite bathrooms, satellite TV and telephones. A proper functioning private hospital with three operating theatres, a radiology department and all other departments expected in a hospital. It is open 24 hours a day with Resident Medical Officers on duty to support the care of Mr Broome.

It is located not far away from the A673, close to the junctions 5 and 6 off the M61.

Patients’ Views of The BMI Beaumont

Between January 201BMIHealthcare_UK___BMI_The_Beaumont_Hospital_in_Bolton___Lancashire___Serious_about_health__Passionate_about_care_3 and December 2013, 1, 439 people completed a questionnaire and the table below shows the responses for views about the consultant, nursing, quality of care and whether a recommendation would be made. The graph shows the percentage of people who responded “excellent” or “very good”.


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