sacrohysteropexy procedure

Your guide to preparing for prolapse repair surgery

Many patients feel nervous about going into hospital for prolapse repair treatment. This is perfectly understandable; any type of surgery is a little intimidating. What’s more, you may feel embarrassed about your prolapse, which can exacerbate your nervousness. However, there’s no need to feel uneasy; Mr Johnathon Broome has performed over 1000 prolapse repair operations and has a 100% success rate for Sacrohysteropexy operation. Nonetheless, there is plenty you can do yourself to ensure that the operation goes smoothly. Knowing what you have to do to prepare for your surgery well in advance and doing it in a calm, orderly fashion will help to guarantee the success of your operation and may help you feel more confident.

As many ladies come from all over the UK, we have an understanding of how to help you if you are travelling such distances. Firstly, your Sacrohysteropexy procedure will usually take place on a Thursday so that you have the rest of the day and by staying overnight, into Friday to recover. The large majority of ladies do leave hospital on the Friday to go home. However, some decide that whilst they don’t need to stay in hospital, they do stay nearby for an additional night and we have a couple of hotels that we can advise you about. This means that if you have come with a loved one, you can be together. Mr Broome can then ring you on the Saturday morning to check that you feel well enough to travel back. To date, everyone by this stage has returned home.

Once you get home, within a couple of days, you can gradually to start to be more active. Many women feel great immediately, others need a little more time to reach the same point. We have had ladies returning to the golf course after two weeks so all are different. The point to realise is that the Sacrohysterpexy has permanently secured your uterus and ensured that your pelvic floor can work effectively.

Prolapse repair operations of the kind we offer are generally very safe, so you have no reason to worry excessively about your surgery. However, by ensuring that you follow the correct procedures in the run-up to the operation, you can help our staff treat you and help yourself feel much less nervous. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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