putting off prolapse repair

Why a prolapse repair operation won’t steal your valuable time

If you are suffering from a prolapsed uterus, you are likely to be in considerable pain and experience a significant degree of embarrassment. However, you may also be reluctant to pursue prolapse repair surgery because of one very simple factor: time. Many forms of surgery require you to stay in hospital for a protracted period of time and have lengthy recovery periods. You’re a busy person with a full life: you probably don’t want to spend so much valuable time in hospital or laid up in bed recovering from an operation. However, there is no need to worry. The prolapse repair surgery that we offer here at The Pelvic Clinic is speedier than you might realise. Once you’ve had the operation, you will soon be able to return to everyday life.

The time you have to spend in hospital for a sacrohysteropexy prolapse repair operation is minimal. In fact, the vast majority of patients only have to remain on a ward for a single night. You can expect to be back home the day after your surgery, where you can enjoy a swift recovery process in an environment you’re familiar with.

The recovery process itself takes a number of weeks, but you’ll be able to get back to your ordinary, daily activities long before the end of that process. You will probably find it uncomfortable to lift heavy items for approximately six weeks after your operation. However, you will be able to move around unassisted after only a few days. You can also start driving again as soon as you are able to sit in your car, wear a seatbelt and perform an emergency stop without causing yourself discomfort.

In fact, there is only one area of your life that prolapse repair surgery is likely to affect significantly, and that area is romantic intimacy. You should refrain from engaging in intercourse for approximately two weeks after surgery, in order to give your body time to heal.

Mr. Broome (our surgeon here at The Pelvic Clinic) can perform a safe, straightforward prolapse repair operation that will allow you to leave hospital almost immediately and recover rapidly. When you opt for a sacrohysteropexy prolapse repair operation, you don’t have to worry about losing months of your time. You’ll be able to resume your life even more swiftly than you’d hoped.

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