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What Advantages Does Private Prolapse Surgery Bring?

When conservative treatments such as Kegal exercises and weight loss have failed to achieve an improvement in prolapse symptoms, it’s often the case that surgery is the best option. Although the NHS offers surgical interventions to resolve chronic, severe prolapse symptoms, they may not give sufferers the wide range of options available to patients that opt for private care. Take a look at some of the advantages that prolapse surgery at a private clinic can bring:

Timely intervention

Unfortunately, in many cases symptoms and the degree of uterine displacement increase in severity as time passes. This not only makes life unpleasant, but lengthy NHS waiting lists can mean that by the time a woman is offered prolapse surgery, it’s less likely to be effective. Private treatment is almost always available more quickly, allowing a speedy resolution to the problem.

Wider range of treatments

Obviously there are several surgical interventions that can be undertaken, with the final recommendation being based on a number of different factors. Private healthcare surgeons frequently have considerable expertise in procedures not readily available on the NHS, which are proven to be highly effective. It’s important for women to be aware of the pros and cons of different options before making a final decision.

Fit the surgery around your lifestyle

Many women lead busy lives and need to schedule surgery to fit in with their existing commitments. Private care gives you the flexibility to time your operation and convalescence, enabling you to clear your diary in advance and ensure that you can get the rest you need post-surgery without any negative impact on work or other essential activities.

Improvements in surgical techniques and a high success rate helps to explain why a growing number of women are opting for prolapse surgery in order to treat the incontinence, bleeding and discomfort that an untreated prolapse often brings. Using a private clinic for surgery enables timely treatment and gives women greater choice in their treatment options. If you’re suffering from a prolapse, it’s always worth contacting us so that we can help you to find out more about what treatments are available. Mr Broome is one of the most experienced consultant gynaecologists specialising in prolapse surgery in the UK.

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