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Uterine prolapse: don’t suffer in silence

If you are suffering from uterine prolapse, you are not alone. Although uterine prolapse is a condition which is rarely discussed, thousands of women in the UK experience it. Anyone who has suffered from uterine prolapse knows that they cause a huge amount of pain and discomfort, and may even stop sufferers from doing the things that they love. Many women with uterine prolapse stop exercising because of the pain activities like running can cause. Some women even stop socialising because of the embarrassing side effects of uterine prolapse, such as incontinence.

However, there is no need to be embarrassed. Although it is difficult to discuss a condition which is seen as taboo, the more we talk about these problems, the more awareness is raised of them. This will enable more women to understand what’s wrong and seek treatment faster, meaning that they won’t suffer the discomfort of uterine prolapse alone for as long as they have been. Increased awareness of conditions also leads to more research being done on them, which in turn leads to better treatments. It’s great that television shows such as Call the Midwife are tackling the subject of uterine prolapse, but a lot more needs to be done.

Due to the lack of discussion around uterine prolapse, many women believe that the only available treatment is a hysterectomy. But this is not always the case. Some ladies do find that the following actives can help their prolapse and alleviate the symptoms

• Pelvic floor exercises

• Lose weight (if you are overweight)

• Give up smoking

• Prescribed pessaries

• Light exercise

If you have tried those methods and you still feel discomfort, there is also a much lesser known treatment. Mr Jonathan Broome, consultant gynaecologist, is one of the leading surgeons in the UK for a procedure called a sacrohysteropexy. This is a keyhole surgery where a flexible mesh is used to hold the uterus in position permanently. Mr Broome has done over 1,000 of these surgeries with a 100% success rate.

So don’t suffer in silence, help is available.


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