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UK women urged to come forward with difficult conditions

Britain’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies claims that silence about taboo problems, including uterine prolapse, is putting women’s health and potentially their lives at risk.

Davies has invited women with a vast array of conditions ranging from obesity through to menopause and prolapse, subjects which have made people uncomfortable in the past, to come forward in her report entitled: ‘Health of the 51% women.’

Obviously the fight against obesity goes on as excess weight contributes to so many other medical conditions, including prolapse, but Davies is determined to shine a light on some conditions that some women, especially the older generation, would simply try and cover up. Prolapse is one of those conditions that women can find embarrassing and as they simply do not know about the modern surgical options, they may choose to hide the problem rather than deal with it.

More than 5 million women have suffered some form of urinary and faecal incontinence and, along with prolapses, this costs more than £200 million a year. If it is caught sooner, this bill will drop significantly.

The use of a mesh insert in a procedure called sacrohysteropexy has proven a massive success and Mr Jonathan Broome, Consultant Gynaecologist, has carried out more than 1000 of these surgical procedures with a 100% success rate. Women no longer even need to have a hysterectomy, which was often required with the previous surgical solution.

The message is clear: the Chief Medical Officer wants women who think they may be beyond help to come forward quickly. The sooner their case is assessed, the greater the chance they can be successfully treated and the faster they will be back on their feet. Swift care is an all-round win, too, as the bill to the NHS is reduced if a condition is caught and treated early, and that means more women, and men, can be taken care of with limited resources.

With prolapse surgery advancing all the time, sacrohysteropexy is just one tool in the arsenal of surgical weapons to give women their lives back. So far, it has proved to be one of the most effective, but even this procedure works better when the prolapse does not have chance to get worse. If you would like to know any more about this procedure or if it could help you, please do contact us.


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