The advantages of keyhole surgery

Laparoscopic surgery, to give the keyhole technique its proper medical name, has many distinct advantages over traditional invasive operations. In the case of a sacrohysteropexy, the patient is only under general anaesthetic for a very short time, as the procedure only takes about half an hour. The incisions made are tiny, approximately half a centimetre each, and the three of these will heal quickly too. Post-operative pain and discomfort are greatly reduced and ease of movement returns more rapidly. One night in hospital is all that is generally required and women then get back to their normal active lives, many going on to have children. The early discharge allows a speedier return to work, to exercise, and most importantly, to a pain-free existence. These benefits all compare very favourably to the often suggested alternative of a hysterectomy which leaves a large abdominal scar, has a longer recovery rate and removes the possibility of future childbirth.

What is involved in a sacrohysteropexy?

Three small incisions are made – one in the belly button, one just to the left of it and one on the bikini line. These tiny cuts are the “keyholes” and a camera goes in through the belly button, allowing Mr Broome to see inside the body and perform the insertion of the mesh with extreme precision via a screen. The mesh, which acts as a sling to support the prolapsed uterus, is guided into place with needles and secured at the cervix and the tailbone. Once the mesh is fitted, it will not break down; it will become stronger and can be left indefinitely, without ever needing replacement.

Mr Broome is a leading gynaecological expert in this procedure and has performed it with total success over 1,000 times.

It is sad that so many GPs are unaware of this highly advantageous uterine repair procedure, leading to many women being incorrectly advised to undertake a full hysterectomy, when a quick keyhole surgery could have completely alleviated their debilitating symptoms. Keyhole surgery has so many advantages and is available to women of all ages. For women who hope and plan to go on to have children, it is truly a blessing.


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