hysterectomy for prolapse

The advantages of avoiding a hysterectomy

If you want to have children, then the prospect of a hysterectomy can be devastating, but even if your child baring days are done, there are advantages to avoiding this highly invasive surgery.

One of the primary advantages of the prolapse treatment provided by Mr Jonathan Broome (Consultant Gynaecologist at The Pelvic Clinic) is that the sacrohysteropexy procedure he uses repositions the uterus, removing the need for a hysterectomy.

With a 100% success rate, this means there are well in excess of 1000 women in the UK who avoided a hysterectomy, but why is that significant if you’re not planning on more children?

After caesarean sections, hysterectomies are the most commonly performed surgeries for women. In some cases, they are entirely necessary and can save lives, and improve health and wellbeing.

Clearly a hysterectomy is a major operation with increased risks, more possible side-effects and a longer recovery time. It can leaves a considerable external scar (if you opt for open surgery)and can have an impact on other bodily functions such as bladder and intestinal changes.

Some women experience a sense of loss when they have their uterus removed, feeling as if they have lost part of what makes them, a “woman”. This – and a general fragile feeling after the surgery – can impact negatively on libido.

Sometimes the emotional impact of a hysterectomy will linger long after physical recovery. Side-effects can include depression and insomnia.

Also, surgically induced menopause can be a tough time for some women, and the preference is to let nature – and your own individual hormones – bring about changes gradually.

It is important to note that there are myths about hysterectomies that should not influence you when weighing up the pros and cons. Depression and “forced” menopause is not automatic and many women avoid both. There is no evidence to suggest you will gain weight or grow facial hair either.

What is for certain, is that the sacrohysteropexy procedure used by The Pelvic Clinic gives you more choice, and avoids irreversible and major changes to your body. Recovery time is quicker and you will be able to enjoy welcome comfort and sense of wellbeing from ending your uterus problems, with less side-effects to hold you back.

It’s your body, and you should be able to control what happens.

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