Taking the right road to prolapse repair surgery

If you have suffered a prolapse, undergoing appropriate prolapse repair surgery is clearly the best move. However, the route from prolapse to prolapse repair will be different for every patient. Some people will be able to decide on a course of action and book themselves in for an appropriate operation in a matter of days, whereas others may take several weeks to think about their options before having prolapse repair surgery. Here at The Pelvic Clinic, we want to make sure you take the route to prolapse repair that feels right for you.

If you feel confident and comfortable about dealing with your prolapse head-on and you are certain that you want to opt for a sacrohysteropexy to fix it, you can contact us directly. Although you will still need a referral from a general practitioner, you can book yourself in for a consultation with Mr Broome as soon as you like. For many people, this is the best route to prolapse repair surgery because it is fast and efficient. Living with a prolapse can be painful and embarrassing, so it’s best address the problem directly and rapidly if you are confident enough to do so. To make a private medical appointment at the BMI Beaumont, you just need to ring 01204 404404.

However, if you are unsure about whether you should opt for a sacrohysteropexy, or are concerned about the costs of private healthcare, you can opt to see Mr Broome via the NHS Choose and Book system. This means that you will need to visit your GP and ask to see a gynaecologist at the BMI Beaumont Hospital on a Tuesday or a Friday. As the system does not let you choose the surgeon, just the location, by using this method of selection, you will be getting to see Mr Broome. Once your letter of appointment confirmation comes through, please double check that it does indeed mention Mr Broome and then your appointment is set up for you.

Whether you see Mr Broome privately or via the NHS, you will still have time to discuss your problem and make a plan of action. You can then choose how you wish to proceed. If you choose the private pathway, this is much smoother and surgery can take place more quickly. The NHS and then switching to private is also possible as is a private consultation and then switching to the NHS though this does have its problems. We do offer a finance package, if this is helpful, allowing you interest free credit for a period of 12 months and some ladies are grateful for this type of financial help.

Regardless of how you come to us, we can promise that we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your sacrohysteropexy goes smoothly. Mr Broome has a 100% success rate, and we are confident that you won’t regret your decision to have prolapse repair surgery with us.


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