start the conversation about prolapse

Starting the conversation about uterine problems

Despite living in a time where oversharing is common place (think Instagram pictures of your breakfast), women often keep the most intrusive of problems hidden from their closest friends and family. We need to empower women to begin talking to each other, supporting each other and crucially educating each other not just about recognising the symptoms of uterine problems, but also the growing choices in treatment too. Women should no longer be suffering in silence.

Countless women are touched by uterine problems, including uterine pain, prolapse or uterine bleeding. However, huge progress has been made in the management and treatment of uterine prolapse and women need to know about it.

Increasing awareness of sacrohysteropexy

Leading the charge in the surgical advances is Mr Jonathan Broome of The Pelvic Clinic. One of the surgeries that we need to begin talking about is a sacrohysteropexy. Very few health care professionals and women know about this laparoscopy operation and how it returns the uterus to its normal position. It’s relatively quick, taking around just 30 minutes and requiring only a one night stay in hospital. This is by no means the only treatment option but it is one that we need to make sure women know is available to them.

Don’t suffer in silence

Living with severe uterine prolapse can be incredibly challenging, more so because many women are suffering in silence. It is not like a broken arm or leg – something visible, something that others can identify with – so the first step is starting the conversation. If you’re suffering with chronic uterus pain, reach out. You may find that others have been in the same position and can provide vital emotional and practical support. Secondly, seeking a consultation with an expert like Mr Jonathan Broome may reveal that there are more options open to you than you could have imagined. Additionally, it can often be a surprise to women how minimally invasive these treatment options are when compared to how much discomfort and upset that severe uterine pain can cause.

Prolapse repair surgery can help women take their lives back, becoming free from chronic pain has been described as feeling like a person is reborn. Start your first conversation today!


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