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Post pregnancy exercise that could save you a prolapse

The time after you have given birth is the time when you are most vulnerable to prolapse. Of course, you should do your pelvic floor muscle exercises before the birth, but it’s good to get into a regime of exercise afterwards too.

The only downside is if you do too much too soon, you could give yourself a real problem; many women have actually suffered a prolapse after strenuous exercise too soon after the birth. So you need a low impact exercise regime that can get you back into the swing of things without risking your health and resulting in the need for prolapse repair.

Here are just a few suggestions that you might not have considered:

1. Tai chi

The ancient Chinese martial art is carried out in parks and squares before breakfast in its homeland, but classes are springing up all around the UK as we wake up to the benefits of this slow motion martial art that is suitable for children and pensioners alike. One of the joys is that everyone can do it, so you should be able to do a gentle workout whenever you feel ready.

2. Walking

Of course it’s obvious, but sometimes we forget the simple pleasures like going for a walk. Get a babysitter – you don’t need the stress of taking the buggy with you just yet. Just get out there and take a gentle stroll.

3. Yoga

Stick to the absolute basics, don’t get crazy until you’re feeling better. But slowly build up and you could find that yoga helps strengthen your pelvic floor and your whole body. You could even end up stronger than before you were pregnant.

4. Swimming

Make sure you’re ready for it, but swimming gives you the support of the water, it can be as slow as you wish and it will get the muscles moving again. Don’t go for any records until you’re totally comfortable and maybe leave the aquarobics for a few weeks. A gentle swim, though, could do you a world of good.


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