recover from sacrohysteropexy

Post-op recovery for a sacrohysteropexy

For those who have undergone a sacrohysteropexy, good post-operative care has a vital part to play in the speed with which it is possible to recover and get back on your feet again. As with any major operation, there’s a fine line between pushing the body too far and not enough.

While prolapsed uterus surgery can improve quality of life vastly for many people, this can only occur when proper post-operative care is taken – read on to find out more about what you can do to boost your recovery rate.

Managing pain

While the ultimate goal of prolapse surgery is, of course, to eliminate pain, after any procedure you may experience some pain, and it’s important to manage it well. Ignoring it could lead to sleeping badly and, in turn, recovering more slowly, so be sure to ask for pain relief when you need it. Remember, painkillers can take up to 20 minutes to kick in, so be patient and follow any instructions your doctor gives you about taking them.

Get moving

The sooner that you are able to get up and out of bed after a surgery, the better your chances are of avoiding a blood clot. Lying down for too long can mean that your blood pools in your legs and increases the risk of clotting – while you’re bedbound, leg exercises or surgical stockings may help the situation.

Eating and drinking as soon as possible after surgery is also a good way to regain your strength, so try to get something inside of you. If you don’t fancy eating lots, try to eat little and often instead.

Ask for help

If you’re likely to be incapacitated for a few days once you’re back at home, it makes sense to call in some favours with friends and family, to make life easier on you. Ask someone you know to drop by a few times a day and help with any tasks that might be demanding – like cooking, washing up or taking the bins out.


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