possible sacrohysterpexy

Is there an alternative to undergoing a hysterectomy?

To many women, the thought of undergoing a hysterectomy is a complete anathema. Even women who have suffered a fourth-degree prolapse shudder at the thought of having their wombs removed. If you are facing this dilemma because you suffer uterus problems, or uterus pain, and you have been advised to have hysterectomy prolapse surgery, you may be interested to hear that there is a far less intrusive procedure.

Have you heard of a sacrohysteropexy?

Well, don’t worry if you haven’t. The majority of women haven’t either. Here at The Pelvic Clinic, sacrohysteropexy surgery is promoted as a very real alternative to having a full hysterectomy, depending on the individual diagnosis.

Our resident consultant gynaecologist, Mr Jonathon Broome, is one of the top surgeons performing this procedure here in the UK. He has in fact completed more than 1,000 of these procedures to date, and each has been a complete success. Instead of removing the uterus as in a hysterectomy prolapse surgery, with a sacrohysteropexy, the uterus is simply repositioned, removing any obstruction and discomfort.

The advantages of sacrohysteropexy prolapse surgery

Sacrohysteropexy prolapse surgery is a laparoscopic procedure. As well as being far less invasive than a full hysterectomy, this procedure also results in fast recovery times. It’s something that British women need to know more about. Every year women become infertile having undergone a hysterectomy, when a laparoscopic sacrohysteropexy procedure would have cured the problem, leaving fertile women able to go forward and safely have more children without the fear of a recurrent prolapse.

Whether you are suffering from first, second, third, or fourth-degree prolapse, or some other uterus problem, you should arrange a consultation with Mr Broome here at The Pelvic Clinic. You will be offered the most appropriate treatment to cure your condition. Whereas most NHS establishments and private clinics are likely to suggest going down the hysterectomy route, Mr Broome will offer you this alternative procedure, depending on the results of his diagnosis.

For most women, the opportunity to keep their uterus intact and healthy is a “no-brainer.” You owe it to yourself to see if this alternative procedure is viable for your condition.

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