private prolapse repair surgery

Is private prolapse surgery right for me?

When women experience the unpleasant symptoms of a prolapse, many will go straight to their GP in order to find out what options for treatment are available. These may range from conservative treatments, such as weight loss or pelvic floor exercises, through to the insertion of pessaries or a surgical procedure. Although some women will find an appropriate solution to their prolapse problems through the NHS, a significant number are considering private surgical intervention to deal with the problems which a prolapse can cause. If you’ve only recently thought about using a private surgeon, take a look at three possible advantages they may bring to your care.

Shorter waiting times

Almost invariably, Mr Jonathan Broome will be able to undertake suitable surgery more quickly than going down the NHS referral route. For many women, although not life threatening, the discomfort and misery they are experiencing as a result of their prolapse is such that rapid relief is a priority. Faster access to treatment is often a benefit of the private route.

Different treatments are available

There are some surgical interventions offered in the private sector which may not be readily available through the NHS. Whilst ultimately every woman needs to decide on the course of treatment which is right for them, it’s always helpful to have as many different options as possible available. Private surgery increases the choices on offer.

More control over choice of surgeon

When you opt to go private, you decide who is going to operate on you. This enables patients to take factors such as relevant surgical experience, number of procedures performed and success rate into account when deciding on who they want to undertake a procedure. Although the NHS does offer some choice, this may be restricted.

If you’re experiencing the physical and psychological problems which prolapse can cause, prompt, high quality treatment is always a priority. At The Pelvic Clinic, we specialise in high grade surgical interventions for prolapses of all types. Mr Broome has considerable experience in performing sacrohysteropexy as well as other procedures, resulting in significant improvements in prolapse symptoms for many women.


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