uterus prolapse

Is a sacrohysteropexy the right treatment for you?

The symptoms of uterine prolapse – pain, discomfort, stress incontinence, and a decrease in quality of life – can be debilitating and isolating.

Some women who’ve been diagnosed with a uterine prolapse can see improvements with pelvic floor exercise, weight loss, and pessaries.

But what if you’ve tried everything and there’s still no improvement?

You may think that a hysterectomy is the only solution, but there is an alternative – a sacrohysteropexy.

Completed in less than one hour through keyhole surgery, this potentially life-changing procedure can reposition your uterus if it’s been damaged following prolapse.

The renowned consultant gynaecologist, Mr Jonathan Broome of The Pelvic Clinic, has performed more than 1,000 of these procedures and has a 100% success rate.

Procedures are carried out at the BMI Beaumont Hospital in Lancashire.

How does it work?

A sacrohysteropexy is a laparoscopic procedure – in other words, keyhole surgery. Tiny incisions are made in your abdomen to allow the surgeon, Mr Broome, to control the necessary instruments. Through one of the incisions, a mesh is inserted – this acts as a ‘sling’ to lift and hold the uterus in place, correctly and permanently. The mesh is covered with a thin layer of tissue. This prevents scar tissue forming and encourages a strong, long-lasting repair.

What happens afterwards?

Usually, patients will spend just one night in hospital to recover, and after a few weeks they can move around easily and comfortably. Scarring is minimal and much less noticeable than a large abdomen scar that would result from a hysterectomy. An added benefit is that you can safely go on to have children, if you wish, without the risk of further prolapse.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a sacrohysteropexy is £4,000, plus an initial consultation with Mr Broome which costs £200. There is a range of payment options available including private medical insurance, or the BMI Payment Plan Card 0% Finance (if you attend the BMI Beaumont Hospital for surgery).

To find out more, simply complete our enquiry form or telephone 01204 772400.

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