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How to prepare for your prolapse surgery hospital admission

If you have arranged to undergo either a sacrohysteropexy procedure or an alternative type of prolapsed uterus surgery, there are several measures that you can implement before arriving at the hospital which will make your entire admission experience more comfortable and less stressful. Listed below are some of the pre-emptive admission measures that our team at The Pelvic Clinic advise you take before arriving at the hospital for your prolapse surgery:

1. The week before your operation

If you are a smoker, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from smoking, or at least reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke, in the weeks leading up to your operation. By doing this, you can substantially reduce your risk of suffering from anaesthetic-related complications, such as nausea, coughing, chest infections and breathing difficulties, after your prolapse surgery. Similarly, it is advised that you refrain from drinking alcohol the day before your operation to avoid experiencing pre-surgery dehydration. Finally, it is recommended that you only trim, rather than shave or wax, your bikini line the week before your procedure in order to reduce your chances of suffering from post-surgery skin infections.

2. Important belongings to bring to your procedure

Given that sacrohysteropexy and similar types of prolapse surgery are very quick procedures that are carried out within an hour under general anaesthetic, it is highly likely that you will only have to spend one night in hospital. Consequently, it is advised that you bring a dressing gown, nightgown, slippers, some sanitary towels and a few toiletries along to the hospital with you. Also, remember to pack any medication that you are currently taking and a book or magazine if you so wish.

3. Arriving at hospital

On the day of your procedure you should not have anything to eat or drink if you have been instructed to do so by Mr Broome. You should also take a bath or shower at home and remove your jewellery and make-up to reduce any chances of infection. You should wear loose-fitting clothing to and from your procedure, so you can remain as comfortable as possible before and after undergoing prolapse surgery.

If you have any questions about this, please do ask.

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