surgery anxiety

How to overcome surgery anxiety

Feeling nervous about undertaking a surgical procedure is completely natural. However, for some people this fear stops them from seeking the help they need.

If you are suffering from uterus problems or think you might need prolapse surgery, putting off discussing this with a professional is only going to make matters worse. Especially when the treatment can be so much less invasive than you might imagine.

Choosing a surgeon you trust is an important first step in reducing your anxiety and Mr Jonathan Broome has successfully treated over 1,000 women. He uses a procedure called sacrohysteropexy, a far simpler technique than traditional prolapse surgery. Just this knowledge alone should significantly help to reduce your anxiety levels.

Before your surgery, however, try these relaxing techniques:

• Basic meditation

You don’t have to be a yogi to meditate successfully. All you need is the ability to let your mind concentrate fully on the moment. A good simple technique is to lie on the floor or bed with your eyes closed. Place your hand on your lower stomach and concentrate on your breathing so you can feel the air filling your stomach and chest and then releasing out in to the atmosphere. Once your breathing is regular, concentrate on relaxing your muscles one by one. Start with your toes and work up your body, ending at the top of your head. Finish with two deep breathes.

• Talking

A chat with a friend over a cup of tea is all most of us need to allay our fears. Sharing experiences and anxieties is a great way of not only reducing them, but also feeling less alone with them. Professional therapists are also available if you feel you need more help.

• Educate yourself

Understanding exactly what is going to happen goes a long way to relieving anxiety. Read up on your surgery and ask questions. Everyone at the clinic will be happy to answer all your questions.

• Trust yourself

You have made the decision to get better and that is a wonderful thing.

Finally, if you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us here at the Pelvic Clinic.

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