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How To Help Yourself After A Prolapse Repair

For many women suffering from prolapse symptoms, surgery is the most suitable solution. A skilful prolapse repair can give significant relief from the pain and discomfort that prolapses cause, and reduce incontinence. Take a look at how physiotherapy can play a role in minimising the risk of surgical complications and provide a post-surgical exercise regime that helps maximise the benefits of the procedure.

Chest care

Particularly if you are an ex-smoker or have a chronic chest condition such as asthma, anaesthesia can result in thickened lung secretions that are difficult to expel. Prompt physiotherapy can help with this issue, reducing the chances of post-operative chest complications.

Postural assistance

Poor posture, perhaps due to osteoporosis, bad habits or prolonged pain, can place considerable stress on the pelvic floor. A physiotherapist can undertake a full postural and gait analysis, prescribing remedial exercises if necessary to help correct any issues.

Pelvic faradism

In some cases, stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles with a low-grade electrical current can help, resulting in a strengthened pelvic floor, particularly when undertaken in conjunction with Kegel exercises. Some women may find this beneficial.

Weight maintenance

If poor mobility or a specific joint or muscle condition is preventing you from doing the regular exercise needed to maintain a healthy weight (excess weight is a key factor in prolapse and it is vital that a healthy weight is maintained post-surgery in order to maximise its success), an optimum weight should be addressed after surgery, if to before, to ensure that there is no us cesura pressure on the pelvic floor.

Looking after yourself is key to ensuring post-prolapse repair recovery; by focussing on you by eating and living better, you can help make sure you are doing everything possible to get back into tip-top condition after your surgery. Appropriate attention to other lifestyle factors (such as exercise and stress) can all assist in ensuring that surgical prolapse repair has the very best possible outcome.


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