prolapse repair operationMany women mistakenly attribute the symptoms of prolapse to the inevitable effects of child bearing or ageing. In reality, a prolapse is an unpleasant medical condition caused by a weakening of the ligaments, muscles and soft tissue that normally hold the uterus in place. Not only can this give rise to a series of distressing symptoms, but if left untreated the condition can worsen as time goes on, potentially leading to the uterus ending up outside the body completely.

Symptoms of prolapse

The most common symptoms of a prolapse include incontinence, pain during intercourse, back ache, unpleasant pelvic sensations (often a feeling of being weighed down) and intermittent bleeding. These symptoms may start off as relatively mild, gradually increasing in intensity as time passes, or may suddenly appear after a particular trauma such as child birth or unaccustomed heavy lifting. If you notice any of these problems, it’s important to seek medical assistance promptly, in order to establish what the cause might be.

Causes of prolapse

Vaginal child birth is by far the most common cause of prolapse, as in many cases the damage sustained to muscles and soft tissue during labour isn’t fully resolved. Being overweight, reduced oestrogen levels (frequently due to ageing), chronic coughing or constipation may also increase the severity of prolapse symptoms.

So How Can The Pelvic Clinic Help You?

It may be that you have been to your GP and he or she has given you advice about coping with a prolapse and possibly advised about pelvic floor exercises. You may have found that the advice had a limited impact on your prolapse.

  • You may also be too embarrassed to talk about it with anyone else.
  • You may feel under pressure to have a course of treatment or surgery that you are not happy about.

Mr Broome is a very experienced gynaecological surgeon and he can advise you in a way that your GP may not have the knowledge to do so. He also sees many ladies who are seeking a second opinion as they are not happy with a proposed surgery or long term outcome.

It may be that ultimately prolapse surgery is likely to be the most effective form of treatment and you may have been told this already but you may also have been told that a hysterectomy is the only option.

There is another surgical way.

Mr Broome is one of the few surgeons in the UK who can perform a  sacrohysteroplexy, which is a form of prolapse surgery that is growing in popularity over more common options, due to the fact that not only is it highly effective in many cases, but also because it involves keyhole surgery, which carries fewer risks than other choices and allows you to keep your uterus.

Our experience is that a consultation with Mr Broome can provide invaluable information that a GP or less experienced surgeon can provide.  If prolapse is negatively affecting your life, why not get in touch and see how the Pelvic Clinic can help?

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