activities after prolapse repair

Getting back into physically active hobbies following a sacrohysteropexy

Uterine prolapses can be exceptionally painful. In fact, they can prevent you from undertaking activities that you might normally enjoy. If you have a lot of physically active hobbies, a uterine prolapse may steal them from you. After all, nobody wants to undertake a vigorous physical activity if it causes them pain.

If you have suffered a prolapse, our reliable, highly successful sacrohysteropexy procedure can help you recover. However, once you’ve made a full recovery, you may wonder how you can get back into all the physical activities you used to enjoy. Here at The Pelvic Clinic, we care about your post-prolapse well-being and would like to offer you some advice on returning to an active lifestyle following your recovery.

1. Reach out to friends

If any of your friends participate in the same activities you used to enjoy before your prolapse, talking to them can help you get involved in those activities again. They can offer encouragement and even help you participate. For example, if you enjoyed a sport before your prolapse made it impossible to play, they can play it with you once you’ve recovered. Never underestimate how helpful your friends can be when it comes to recovering aspects of your pre-prolapse life.

2. Ease into it

You may be tempted to launch yourself back into your favourite activities as soon as you’ve recovered. However, this isn’t necessarily the best course of action. If you haven’t undertaken them in a long time, your body may no longer be accustomed to the physical strain of these activities. It’s important not to overdo it. If possible, you should participate in your active hobbies more gently or for shorter periods of time at first. You can build back up to your pre-prolapse levels of participation over time.

3. Be aware of your limits

Following a successful sacrohysteropexy, you should be able to do almost all of the things that you did before your prolapse. However, there are some things you should avoid, such as heavy lifting and extreme physical strain. When participating in a physically active hobby after prolapse repair surgery, remember your limits. You can continue to enjoy your favourite activities with no discomfort or pain provided you don’t push yourself too far.

For further advice on returning to life after prolapse repair surgery, feel free to contact us here at The Pelvic Clinic.

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