gentle exercise after prolapse

Exercising after a prolapse repair operation

As we have mentioned in previous blog entries, it’s important to avoid strenuous exercises immediately after prolapse repair surgery. Weightlifting, running and other exercises that put pressure on your pelvic muscles can damage you or reduce your chances of recovery. You may wish to take up these exercises again after giving yourself time to recover, but you shouldn’t attempt them in the aftermath of surgery. However, if you want to keep in shape or strengthen your muscles, there are exercises you can do almost immediately after undergoing a prolapse repair operation.

1. Walking

If you’re lucky enough to live near an area with lovely scenery, why not go out for a walk and enjoy it? Walking is good exercise that you can undertake without straining your pelvic muscles following prolapse repair surgery. In addition to helping you recover and stay fit, walking also offers psychological benefits: it can help you feel more content and reduce stress. Even a minor operation (such as a prolapse repair) can put you under stress, so using this gentle form of exercise to relax and re-centre yourself is highly advisable.

2. Cycling

Cycling offers similar benefits to walking, both physically and psychologically. Provided you’re careful to cycle gently and avoid overexerting yourself, you can get on a bicycle fairly soon after your prolapse repair operation. There are two main differences between cycling and walking: firstly it exercises different muscles and secondly, it allows you to cover slightly greater distances. We recommend if you want to explore as much scenery as possible while exercising.

3. Stretching and yoga

Gentle stretching, exercising and yoga are a great way to keep in shape while recovering from prolapse repair surgery. One major advantage is that you can do them in the comfort of your own home, which means you can stop instantly if you experience any discomfort.

Of course, there are other non-strenuous exercises you can take on soon after prolapse repair surgery. However, the three we have listed today can be enjoyed easily and cheaply by anyone. Here at The Pelvic Clinic, we care about your recovery process, so don’t forget to exercise after your operation.


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