Don’t put up with women’s problems

Lots of females who suffer gynaecological issues – whether this is heavy periods, painful intercourse, uterus problems or prolapse – just soldier on regardless, harbouring the false belief that it’s part and parcel of being a woman, or having children.

Often, part of the problem is feeling embarrassed to talk about the issue, whether with a partner, friends, or even a doctor. Some women may even blame themselves, by believing they’ve contributed to the problem in some way. Yet actually admitting you have a problem and gaining support is the first step to dealing with it and finding the right solution, as well as understanding you’re not to blame for whatever uterus problems you may be experiencing.

The problem with just putting up with gynaecological problems, such as uterine prolapse pain, is that it can soon start to affect your everyday life. You may change your routines and behaviours to accommodate it. You may avoid accepting invitations, going on holiday or applying for a new job, in case you worry about stress incontinence. You might stop doing your favourite sport or hobby because of uterus pain, bleeding or prolapse problems. You may avoid starting a new relationship because you worry about getting intimate, or you may rule out having (any more) children. Over time, this could cause anxiety and depression.

Yet, in the vast majority of gynaecological cases, there’s a solution to the problem, so putting up with the pain and discomfort is really not necessary. Advances in medicine and surgery techniques also mean that many problems can be dealt with easily, with minimum repercussions and side effects to aspects such as fertility. For example, a hysterectomy was often the main option for many female problems in the past, but this is no longer the case. Even with severe uterine prolapse, innovative sacrohysteropexy procedures, such as those offered by Mr Jonathan Broome at The Pelvic Clinic, offer a safe and reliable way to provide prolapse repair while maintaining fertility. Once you’ve fixed your problem, you’ll wonder why you put up with it for so long!

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