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If you’re suffering from a uterine prolapse, you may be wondering if surgery is really the best solution for you. Many people have concerns about prolapse repair surgery or wonder if it is really necessary. Here at The Pelvic Clinic, we firmly believe that prolapse repair surgery is the best option for the vast majority of sufferers. The most common concerns about this surgery are very easy to allay. What’s more, many of the other arguments against surgery aren’t as well-founded as you might think. Ergo, in today’s blog, we’d like to tackle some of the reasons you might be hesitant to undergo a prolapse repair operation.

1. Post-prolapse pregnancy

Many worry that they won’t be able to get pregnant after having prolapse repair surgery. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. It’s true that hysterectomy operations prevent recipients from getting pregnant because they involve removing part or all of the womb. However, you don’t have to have your prolapse repaired with a hysterectomy: you can opt for a sacrohysteropexy instead. The sacrohysteropexy procedure involves repositioning the uterus. It negates the need for a hysterectomy and won’t interfere with your ability to become pregnant.

2. Prolapse repair pain

You may be concerned about how painful a prolapse repair procedure would be. You may even feel that the procedure would be worse than the prolapse. However, there’s no need to feel anxious. In reality, sacrohysteropexy operations are almost completely painless in most cases. While you might feel some discomfort, you definitely won’t have to tolerate extreme levels of pain.

3. Prolapse severity

If your prolapse isn’t particularly severe, you may feel that surgery isn’t necessary. However, it’s worth remembering that an untreated prolapse can become worse. Even a very minor prolapse can develop into a serious problem if you don’t address. That’s why it’s always worth considering surgical prolapse repair options.

Here at The Pelvic Clinic, we understand that prolapse repair surgery can be a daunting prospect. However, it’s always better to deal with your prolapse using a tried-and-tested medical procedure as soon as possible. If you’re suffering from a prolapse, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can help you.

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