Do you feel embarrassed by your prolapse? Talking can help

Many women are hesitant to seek prolapse repair surgery because they are embarrassed by their conditions. As we mentioned in a previous blog entry, this embarrassment can sometimes lead to mental health problems. But what can you do if you suffer from a less debilitating level of embarrassment? It is still important to overcome this emotional barrier so that you can seek the treatment you need and shed the shame of your condition. We believe that the key to getting over your embarrassment is talking: discussing your condition and bringing it out into the open can help destroy the sense of stigma you may feel about it. So, who can you talk to about a prolapse?

1. Your GP

Your GP may have diagnosed your prolapse originally. What’s more, they should be highly professional and very calm in their treatment of you. As such, they may be the easiest person to talk to about your condition. If you discuss your prolapse with your GP, you’ll soon realise that the problem is common, treatable and not something you should feel ashamed of.

2. Your family

As we’ve discussed before in relation to other topics, your family can be an invaluable source of support. They know you better than anyone else and should rally round you to help you deal with your problems, including your prolapse. Telling those closest to you can be a vital step in getting over the embarrassment associated with a prolapse, so try to be as open with your family as possible.

3. Friends

While your friends may not be as close to you as your family, they still provide a support network that can help you overcome your embarrassment.

4. A counsellor

If you feel particularly embarrassed about needing prolapse repair surgery, you may wish to go to a professional counsellor who can help you work through your emotions. This may not be necessary in all cases, but it’s a perfectly sensible option for many women awaiting prolapse repair surgery.

Here at The Pelvic Clinic, we want you to feel confident about asking for the surgery you need. Talk to whoever you need to manage your prolapse-related embarrassment. Remember, the sooner you start talking about it, the sooner your prolapse can be treated. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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