The Cost of Sacrohysteropexy Explained

cost of sacrophysteropexyOne of the important factors about considering having a sacrohysteropexy is the price. We appreciate that you want to know exactly how much it is going to cost and what the cost involves.

The advantage of having this procedure at  the BMI Beaumont Hospital with Mr Broome, is that we can provide a fixed price so you do not pay any more than you expect.

The cost of a sacrohysteropexy with Mr Broome includes:

          • surgeon’s fees
          • anaesthetic fees
          • nursing/caring fees
          • food and drinks
          • 28 days care

Total: £4,000 plus there will be the cost of the initial consultation with Mr Broome (£200).

How Do I Pay?

Payment can be made by

                    • cheque,
                    • banker’s draft,
                    • debit or credit card
                    • private medical insurance

Private Medical Insurance

If you have Private Medical Insurance, you need to contact the company and seek an authorisation number. Once you have this, you can then proceed to book your consultation with Mr Broome. Depending upon your policy, you may need to pay for your own consultation but the authorisation number will be needed to proceed to surgery (to enable payment).

BMI Payment Plan 0% Finance

0% financeThis is a finance arrangement that you need to apply for. It is for 12 months interest free credit and can be applied for here or you can ring 0161 216 2500 (option 1 followed by option 2) for a paper copy.

The application process takes around a week before you hear a response. Once you have the card, you can use this to make payment for the surgery.

Helpful Points:

        • you do not need to apply for the card just because you are having surgery. It could be that your partner has the better credit rating so they can apply for it on your behalf
        • if you have any savings, you can apply for less credit so you make two payments for your surgery to take place: one using your savings, the other using the BMI Payment Plan Card
        • the first payment to the BMI Payment Plan Card will be sought around 1 to 2 weeks post surgery and this will be for a minimum of 5% of the outstanding balance.

Making Payment For Your Surgery

This can be made over the phone or online. If you pay online, you can use the link here (if you are attending the BMI Beaumont Hospital) and you will automatically receive a receipt as proof of payment.

If Payment Via Insurance or Self Pay is Not An Option

Please contact us and we will see if Choose and Book might be an option for you.

cost of sacrohysteropexy

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