prolapse and sex

Can you get your sex life back after uterine prolapse?

Being in a romantic relationship and suffering from a uterine prolapse can be tricky. Your self esteem can take a huge nose dive, and getting intimate with your partner is usually the last thing on your mind. However, intimacy is important for couples to stay happy together. It’s a good idea to work on creating a sex life that is satisfying for both of you, despite your uterus problems.

Many people worry that sex will make their prolapse worse. They worry they will suffer from uterus pain or that something will be pulled out further. This is false; as sex involves something going into the vagina, there’s no way that you can pull anything out. Many ladies worry it will be different for their partner, but again, this is false.

Unless you are a qualified gynaecologist like Mr Jonathan Broome, it’s very difficult to tell that you’ve had a prolapse at all. It’ll feel just the same to your partner, but if you need reassurance, start off slowly with a position you feel comfortable in. You can then begin to experiment as your confidence increases. It may feel slightly more comfortable in certain positions to you, so make sure you figure out what is best.

When you’re lying on your back, gravity takes over and your prolapse won’t be visible to your partner, so this might give you a little more confidence. You can also make intimate times with your partner better by doing your kegel exercises regularly, and using a water-based lubricant. You are still fully capable of experiencing the pleasure that you did before your prolapse occurred. To do this, allowing yourself to relax with your partner is essential. This can be difficult at first, so make sure you feel ready to share how you feel with them.

Many women enjoy a normal sex life without considering their prolapse. A mild to moderate prolapse will not effect either party’s satisfaction, and your partner is unlikely to notice anything different. If you bear these things in mind, it may be easier for you to relax and enjoy yourself. If you still have concerns, please contact us to arrange an appointment with Mr Broome.


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