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Can prolapse surgery provide freedom from uterine pain?

Although abdominal pain, incontinence and weakness of the pelvic floor are extremely common problems, many women find it difficult to access help for them. Often, they spend months, or even years, trying to access the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. As a result, symptoms, such as uterus pain and stress incontinence, can worsen over time.

In many cases, these issues are caused by a uterine prolapse. When the tissues, muscles and ligaments which support the uterus become weak, it can cause the uterus to be displaced. When the uterus drops, a prolapse occurs and women may suffer a range of symptoms.

Is a hysterectomy the only treatment for a uterine prolapse?

When patients present with uterus problems or a severe uterine prolapse, they are sometimes told that a hysterectomy is the only remedy available to them. However, a hysterectomy is not the right option for everyone and there are alternative surgical procedures available.

A sacrohysteropexy, or prolapsed uterus surgery, is an effective form of prolapse repair and negates the need for a hysterectomy. By repositioning the uterus and using flexible mesh to support it, the uterus is held in place.

The additional support provided by the mesh ensures that issues, such as weak pelvic floor muscles or nerve damage, no longer result in a prolapse occurring. Furthermore, the presence of the supportive mesh provides a permanent solution to prolapse problems and the associated symptoms.

Who can undergo a sacrohysteropexy?

As this type of prolapsed uterus surgery is performed laparoscopically by Mr Jonathan Broome, Consultant Gynaecologist, it is suitable for the majority of women with uterine prolapse symptoms. As the uterus remains in place, rather than being removed, it is particularly appropriate for women who wish to have children in the future.

Despite having a 100% success rate, sacrohysteropexies are only performed by a small number of surgeons in the UK. With many GPs still unfamiliar with the procedure, patients aren’t always made aware of its availability.

To learn more about the benefits of sacrohysteropexy for uterus pain and prolapse, contact The Pelvic Clinic today on 01204 772400.

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