Advice for after the Sacrohysteropexy Operation

The Sacrohysteropexy operation has a different post-operative recovery compared to the usual advice following a prolapse repair.

There is only ONE overnight stay.

There is NO need to wear or have a vaginal pack or catheter.

There are NO sutures that need to be taken out at a later date.

On day one post-op:

You’ll be encouraged to walk around and get moving.

48 hours post-op:

After 48 hours the dressings can be removed.

Showers are possible whenever you like and as frequently as you like.

For one week afterwards:

Avoid having a bath.

For two weeks afterwards:

Try and avoid heavy lifting, intercourse or exercise if only from a discomfort point of view. After this time, you will be recovered and able to resume all activities. However, there is technically no restriction on any of these activities as the mesh is very robust and will not give way no matter what you do.

If an activity doesn’t hurt, carry on but if it does stop although no long term harm will be done. You will just feel more comfortable doing the activity less or not at all for a few days.

Constipation can be a problem so eat well, drink plenty and take sennakot or similar to assist you.

For up to 6 weeks afterwards:

You may experience some bloating or abdominal distention: this is all normal

After 4-6 weeks:

Time to start doing pelvic floor exercises.

Post-op Problems

Should at any time, you feel sever pain with vomiting, abdominal distention and you have not had a bowel movement, then please seek medical advice. Ring us or email us as soon as you can.

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